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Define the look of the table groups on the output. This function allows you to add spaces after blocks and allows you to control how the groups are viewed whether they span the entire table or are nested as a column.


row_grp_plan(..., label_loc = element_row_grp_loc(location = "indented"))



Row group structure objects separated by commas


element_row_grp_loc() object specifying location


row_grp_plan object

See also

row_grp_structure() for more details on how to specify row group structures, element_block() for more details on how to specify spacing between each group, element_row_grp_loc() for more details on how to specify whether row group titles span the entire table or collapse.

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  ## single grouping variable example
  sample_grp_plan <- row_grp_plan(
    row_grp_structure(group_val = c("A","C"), element_block(post_space = "---")),
    row_grp_structure(group_val = c("B"), element_block(post_space = " ")),
    label_loc = element_row_grp_loc(location = "column")

  ## example with multiple grouping variables
  sample_grp_plan <- row_grp_plan(
     row_grp_structure(group_val = list(grp1 = "A", grp2 = "b"), element_block(post_space = " ")),
     label_loc = element_row_grp_loc(location = "spanning")