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Column Style Structure


  align = NULL,
  type = c("char", "pos"),
  width = NULL,



Column value to align on from column variable. May be a quoted or unquoted column name, a tidyselect semantic, or a span_structure.


Alignment to be applied to column. Defaults to left alignment. See details for acceptable values.


Type of alignment: "char" or "pos", for character alignment (default), and positional alignment, respectively. Positional alignment allows for aligning over multiple positions in the column.


Width to apply to the column in number of characters. Acceptable values include a numeric value, or a character string of a number.


These dots are for future extensions and must be empty


col_style_structure object


Supports alignment and width setting of data value columns (values found in the column column). Row group and label columns are left-aligned by default. Acceptable input values for align differ by type = "char" or "pos":

Character alignment (type = "char"):

  • "left" for left alignment

  • "right" for right alignment"

  • supply a vector of character(s) to align on. If more than one character is provided, alignment will be based on the first occurrence of any of the characters. For alignment based on white space, leading white spaces will be ignored.

Positional alignment (type = "pos"):

supply a vector of strings covering all formatted cell values, with numeric values represented as x's. These values can be created manually or obtained by utilizing the helper display_val_frmts(). Alignment positions will be represented by vertical bars. For example, with starting values: c("12.3", "(5%)", "2.35 (10.23)") we can align all of the first sets of decimals and parentheses by providing align = c("xx|.x", "||(x%)", "x|.xx |")

See also

col_style_plan() for more information on how to combine col_style_structure()'s together to form a plan.

Link to related article


 plan <- col_style_plan(
    col_style_structure(col = "my_var",
                        align = c("xx| |(xx%)",
                                  "xx|.x |(xx.x - xx.x)"),
                        type = "pos", width = 100),
    col_style_structure(col = vars(four), align = "right", width = 200),
    col_style_structure(col = vars(two, three), align = c(".", ",", " ")),
    col_style_structure(col = c(two, three), width = 25),
    col_style_structure(col = two, width = 25),
    col_style_structure(col = span_structure(span = value, col = val2),
                        width = 25)