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Provide utility for layering tfrmt objects together. If both tfrmt's have values, it will preferentially choose the second tfrmt by default. This is an alternative to piping together tfrmt's


layer_tfrmt(x, y, ..., join_body_plans = TRUE)


x, y

tfrmt objects that need to be combined


arguments passed to layer_tfrmt_arg functions for combining different tfrmt elements


should the body_plans be combined, or just keep styling in y. See details: join_body_plans for more details.


tfrmt object



When combining two body_plans, the body plans will stack together, first the body plan from x tfrmt then y tfrmt. This means that frmt_structures in y will take priority over those in x.

Combining two tfrmt with large body_plans can lead to slow table evaluation. Consider setting join_body_plan to FALSE. Only the y body_plan will be preserved.


tfrmt_1 <- tfrmt(title = "title1")

tfrmt_2 <- tfrmt(title = "title2",subtitle = "subtitle2")

layered_table_format <- layer_tfrmt(tfrmt_1, tfrmt_2)