{slushy} is a wrapper built on {renv} to mirror a controlled R environment through CRAN snapshots and an agreed set of packages.

The {slushy} package aims to support the following:

  • Reproducible workflows with {renv} as the engine
    • Initialize, update, sync, and check status of the environment
  • Stable environments via Dated CRAN snapshots from Posit Package Manager.
    • Use of a snapshot helps ensure compatibility between packages and portability of the environment
  • Use of a fixed set of packages
    • Limit installation to an agreed upon set of packages
    • Identify use of non-agreed packages
  • Seamless updates
    • Utilize the latest and greatest features in the R ecosystem or revert back in time


You can install the development version of {slushy} like so:



Actions available in {slushy} primarily fall into 2 categories: (1) initialization and maintenance of the environment, and (2) use of the environment. Please reference the corresponding vignettes for specifics.

More information

More details about configurations can be found in the pkgdown site.