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The {tfrmt} package provides a language for defining display-related metadata, which can then be used to automate and easily update output formats. {tfrmtbuilder} serves as an interface to the package, allowing users to quickly and easily modify existing or new table templates.

Supported workflows

Like {tfrmt}, {tfrmtbuilder} can be used to support a variety of workflows, including the following:

  • Creating tables from scratch
  • Create tables based on a template
  • Modifying an existing table

Additionally, {tfrmtbuilder} supports tables created during study planning (mock tables) or later on after the analysis is complete.

App Features and Workflow

  • Mock vs. non-mock toggle
    • At the top of the app, use the toggle to specify whether you are generating a mock (no data values) or a table with data values.
  • Initialize tab
    • Load an existing {tfrmt} (JSON) or start fresh
    • Define your data source:
      • Auto [mock only]: Use auto-generated mock data
      • Upload: Upload an existing dataset (most file formats)
        • Note: If in ‘mock’ mode, this will serve as a shell with the numeric data value column ignored
      • Example [mock only]: Use a pre-loaded example dataset
  • Edit tab
    • Select ARD column mappings
    • Format table via the ‘plans’ and other functionality
    • View the table as you modify
  • Export tab
    • Download {tfrmt} metadata (JSON)
    • Download {tfrmt} table (HTML, PNG)


{tfrmtbuilder} can be installed and used with the following code:

# development version

# from CRAN

# Load app